• Jack Halberstam on visionary utopian resistance against what will be a snow blown “whitelash” political winter. “Winter in America.”
    • Now that democracy is once more “ragtime on the corner,” now that peace is out of reach, now that white men have their fingers on the scales of justice, now that white heterosexual women are standing by their men, now that we know that many gay people and some people of color must have voted for Trump, we better find some coalitions that will still offer the possibility of “energy, beauty and determination.”
  • Lauren Berlant on Trump and Political Feelings–how he makes white Americans “feel” free.
    • They’re saying, I want to matter.  They’re saying I want my friends, my group, to matter.  Who matters? Why should group x matter more, or first, or get more attention? It’s hard for the formerly optimistic and unmarked whites to feel right about other people mattering before they do, because they didn’t know that their freedom was bought on the backs of other people’s exploitation and exile from protection by the law.[3] They thought their freedom was their property, constitutionally.  They’re wrong about that: liberty has always been a bargaining tool.  But they’ve been sold an ideology that hides the truths of structural inequality in an Oz-like image of capitalist democracy and individual sovereignty.
  • Noam Chomsky’s (April 2010) prescient remarks on Trump’s rise to power. While the statement was made long before Trump was publicly discussing an electoral run, Chomsky said that Americans were feeling hopeless and left behind. His description of a “charismatic figure” that seizes on the disillusionment of working class and impoverished American whites sounds similar to Trump’s appeal and some of the rhetoric that studded his campaign.